Does Girl & The Goat Do Vegetarian And Vegan Food? [A Guide]

Does Girl & The Goat Do Vegetarian And Vegan Food? [A Guide]
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 7, 2022

It can be difficult to find non-vegan restaurants that adequately cater to vegan and vegetarian diets and lifestyles. 

This makes it difficult for groups that have vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters to find restaurants that they agree to eat at. 

Does Girl & The Goat Do Vegetarian And Vegan Food? [A Guide]

The alternative is often to find a restaurant that serves mostly meat options with a staple vegetarian option and a side salad that can be made vegan if you omit the cheese and croutons. 

However, this arrangement can get old, fast. 

Thankfully, with vegetarian and vegan diets becoming more popular vegan options are becoming more varied and even non-vegan restaurants are beginning to expand their vegetarian and vegan options. 

In this article, we will look at whether the popular restaurant Girl & The Goat offers vegetarian and vegan food options. 

Does Girl & The Goat Offer Vegetarian And Vegan Food?

In short, yes, they do.  In fact, the range of vegetarian options at Girl & The Goat is quite extensive. 

At first glance at their menu, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Girl & The Goat was a vegetarian restaurant until you reach the seafood and meat options. 

There are, however, no options that are naturally vegan on the menu, although many of the dishes can be made vegan by simply omitting the butter or cheese.

Customer reviews have stated that despite the lack of vegan options to be ordered as is, Girl & The Goat are very accommodating to any dietary restrictions you may have.

What Menu Items Are Vegan Or Vegetarian?

Within the menu, there are a handful of dishes that are vegetarian as standard and can easily be made vegan by removing the cheese or butter. 

The dishes that are available as vegetarian as standard are packed with flavorful ingredients that show a significant level of thought has been put into the dishes. 

Eating at Girl & The Goat as a non-meat eater won’t leave you feeling like your dietary choices were an afterthought. 

Chef Izard has taken the time to create a menu that has flavor and texture no matter whether there is meat in a dish or not. 

This is a great feature of Girl & The Goat as there are many restaurants that can leave vegans and vegetarians feeling more like a nuisance than valued customers.  

Can Dishes Be Modified?

Because there are limited vegan and vegetarian options on the standard menu at Girl & The Goat, it is reasonable to wonder if dishes can be modified when they are ordered. 

The answer to that question is, yes, they can be. 

Beyond the simple removal of butter and cheese from vegetarian dishes to make them vegan, there are many main dishes that contain meat that can be modified to accommodate vegetarian and even vegan diets.  

Thanks to the strong base of vegetarian dishes, there are plenty of alternatives to the meat in the entrees that are available at Girl & The Goat. 

This means that you can swap goat or steak for roasted squash, extra veggies, or even chickpea fritters. 

Similarly, because the majority of the dishes available on the menu at Girl & The Goat are served with a plethora of vegetable dishes, it is perfectly possible to create a delicious vegan dish from the ingredients available. 

However, this does mean that vegan diners that want to have a main dish instead of a selection of appetizers may have to do a bit of leg work alongside the wait staff. 

How Accommodating Are Girl & The Goat?

From the accounts given in customer reviews, Girl & The Goat are extremely accommodating towards vegan and vegetarian guests. 

A lot of this accommodation can be attributed to the presence of Chef Izard who is the owner of the restaurant and therefore has a huge investment in the enjoyment of her guests.  

Customers have reported that visiting the restaurant as a vegan has been a pleasant and accommodating experience. 

The general consensus is that you should inform the restaurant of your dietary requirements when you make your reservation so that they can have a heads up that there will be one or more of your party that will be requesting vegan options. 

Having provided the heads up, customers have been able to adapt the dishes on the menu to make them vegan. 

There have also been instances where Chef Izard has created specialty vegan dishes that aren’t on the menu for vegan guests and provided experimental vegan options to try which haven’t been ordered.  

Not only is this incredibly accommodating and even a little bit above and beyond, but it is also a sign that perhaps the vegan and vegetarian portion of the menu at Girl & The Goat could be growing in the future.  

Does Girl & The Goat Do Vegetarian And Vegan Food? [A Guide]

Are The Vegan And Vegetarian Options Substantial?

If you are the sort of customer who doesn’t like to make special requests and just orders the options that are already tailored to your dietary needs, the options are somewhat limited. 

Many of the vegetarian options are centered around veggies and are mostly appetizers rather than entrees. 

This means that if you don’t want to make modifications you will need to order multiple dishes to leave the meal feeling satisfied.  

However, when you work with the wait staff to modify the entrees to be vegetarian or have specialty vegan dishes made on request, the meals are more than substantial and will leave you feeling satisfied and full. 

Because of the obliging nature of Chef Izard and her staff, no one needs to go hungry at Girl & The Goat, no matter what their dietary restrictions may be.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Desserts At Girl & The Goat Vegan/Vegetarian?

When ordering straight off of the menu, the desserts that are available at Girl & The Goat are all vegetarian-friendly, but they are not vegan-friendly. 

This is because they include either cheese, cream, butter, or eggs that cannot be removed from the dish on request. 

However, if you are vegan, you can request a dessert of simple fruit or the delicious and refreshing range of sorbet that accompanies one of the standard desserts. 

The sorbet is completely vegan and comes in a range of flavors, including pear and strawberry lime.  

If you are vegan and are big on desserts that are substantial, such as vegan waffles, pancakes, or cake, Girl & The Goat will not be the ideal place for dessert. 

However, the range of vegan options that can be created will make up for that. 

Are The Portions Large?

The portions for the mains are more than substantial at Girl & The Goat.  if you are creating a dinner from vegetarian appetizers, you will leave feeling satiated. 

If you order main dishes that are altered to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets, you might leave with a box of leftovers. 

Customers have reported in reviews that, according to the staff, people regularly end up leaving with leftovers because they are unable to finish the food but don’t want to leave it behind. 

There is no better review for a restaurant than customers regularly having leftovers that they want to take home to enjoy later.

Final Thoughts

Despite not being a vegan or vegetarian restaurant Girl & The Goat are very accommodating to such dietary restrictions. 

Not only do they offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, but they also are happy to create vegan-friendly dishes from scratch that aren’t on the menu at all (You might also want to check out Does Jean-Georges Have A Vegetarian Menu?).

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