Delicious Tasting Menus In Chicago With Something For Everyone

Delicious Tasting Menus in Chicago With Something For Everyone
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 7, 2022

When arranging to go out for a bite with a large group of people, it can be difficult to find a menu that pleases everyone.

Whether there’s an allergy or a personal preference, it can quickly become near impossible to find a restaurant that everyone can enjoy.

Delicious Tasting Menus in Chicago With Something For Everyone

Why not try a tasting menu?

A tasting menu will allow everyone to try a different selection of dishes without having to pay for a full meal that they may not enjoy. Simple, delicious, and keeps everyone happy.

Below is a range of delicious tasting menus in Chicago with something everyone can enjoy (You might also want to check out Does Girl & The Goat Do Vegetarian And Vegan Food?).

You can easily select the best restaurant for you and your loved ones to enjoy together. No matter the dietary requirements.


With co-owners Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas working together at one of the top restaurants in the world, it’s impossible to predict what boundary-pushing dishes may be served in the future.

If you’re lucky enough to secure a Kitchen Table you will be offered entertainment along with your meal. Watch as each dish is prepared right in front of your eyes with extreme talent.

This fine dining experience is worth every cent. With a stunning, modern interior design, you are welcomed right from the moment you secure your reservation.


If you are looking for something unique yet tasty, the tasting menu created by Chef Jenner Tomaska is a must.

Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, this restaurant turns fine dining into a decedent art form.

The menu alters each season as the Chef takes inspiration from the ingredients and culture Chicago has to offer.

Customers can anticipate a complete makeover of not just the menu but also the design and service items as the team creates a unique and immersive new experience that can only be experienced in Chicago.


Experience the culinary creativity of James Beard Award-winning chef Rick Bayless at Topolobampo. This Michelin star chef has created an unforgettable dining experience.

Begin with drinks and snacks in the front-room lounge before moving into the main dining room.

You will be served an exquisite tasting menu inspired by the culture of Mexico. Paired with wines and spirits that make the flavors explosive.

From their Cremita de Elote soup to their Torta de Elote dessert, there is something to truly wow everyone. Keeping their dishes simple yet stunning is the way of Topolobampo.


Treat your someone special to a truly spectacular evening of dining. Claudia offers nothing but excellence with every dish with 9 to 11 unique and vibrant courses.

Watch as each meal comes to life in the kitchen before being served in front of you with grace and brilliance.

Inspired by the wondrous adventure at sea, this is a well-paced dining experience that can take anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 hours to fully experience.

While this tasting menu experience comes with a pricer price tag, this is the perfect way to commemorate any momentous life milestone. Or simply enjoy each other’s company with delicious drinks and light snacks at the Claudia Bar.

Robert et Fils

At Robert et Fils you will experience French dining like never before.

Robert Et Fils is a popular neighborhood restaurant that is charming in every way, intimate in scale, and infused with the refinement of traditional French cuisine and the thrill of dining in Paris.

You may not know where to begin with the arrangement of cheese served with honeycomb, and the platinum osetra caviar with sourdough toast.

We recommend just digging into whatever looks good. And it all looks good.

North Pond

The North Pond is worth having on your tasting menu list and is definitely worth making a reservation. Or you may just miss out on some of the best food you have ever tasted.

Chef Cesar Murillo works intimately with farmers to ensure his restaurant is filled with the freshest ingredients there is. Enjoy a stunning seasonal tasting menu of wild-caught Busan crab and citrus beurre blanc.

Each dish is paired with a tantalizing wine and a gorgeous, calming view of an outdoor pond. Take a moment to enjoy every second of this tasting menu at North Pond. What better way to relax?

Omakase Yume

Experience sushi in a whole new state with the Omakase Yume tasting menu. 2021 Michelin star Chef SangTae Park has curated a 16 course menu to transport you into another dimension.

Each dish is customized to suit your own personal tastes and requirements making this the ultimate dining experience.

Expand your palette with this comprehensive tasting menu that features Hirame, Otor, King Salam and so much more.

Wash it all done with a glass of wine, beer, or traditional Sake for the full experience.


For over 30 years, Spiaggia has been supplying the people of Chicago with its modern take on upscale Italian dining.

Chef Tony Mantuano creates a seasonal menu to ensure you are surprised with a new menu every time you come through the restaurant’s door.

From Aglio e olio in the spring to the wild boar chop in the fall, you cannot resist working your way through this enticing tasting menu.

Choose whether you wish to taste 5 courses or 8 courses to sample each delicious dish that is paired with two types of wine. Each dish will have you falling in love with the taste of Italy over and over again.

Taking only 1.5 hours to work your way through the tasting menu, this experience is perfect for a break from shopping or seeing the sight.

The authentic Italian interior makes this restaurant the place for romantic date nights or professional enough for business dinners (You might also like East Side Mario’s Menu).

No matter who you choose to bring to try the tasting menu of Spiaggia, you will never be disappointed.


Depending on where you are, making your way to Acadia can be a bit of an effort. But once you are there, you aren’t going to want to leave for a good while.

The extremely caring staff, cozy decor, and upbeat indie rock music all add to the truly relaxing experience of this restaurant. An iPad is even provided to solo diners for some light reading while you wait.

This 8-course tasting menu is created with everyone in mind. From the Elysian Fields lamb to the Spanish octopus with Piri Piri and olive gel. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

This experience is suited for those looking to try something new as Chef Ryn McCaskey works to combine new, defining flavors with each dish.

Cafe Marie-Jeanne

Cafe Marie-Jeanne offers a more affordable tasting menu experience. Attend this weekly occasion on a Wednesday night to create your own tasting menu. Select up to 3 of the blackboard specials menu.

This welcoming cove of wonders is guaranteed to provide you with a different tasting experience each time you visit. With a seasonal menu, you can create a brand new menu every few months.

This is the perfect experience to share with friends and family as you can sample the full menu for under $50 each.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

At Morton’s, a three-course meal including a premium steak may be had for less than $40 per person. Seasonal flavors and ingredients are featured on the restaurant’s ever-changing menu.

Select an appetizer, such as lobster bisque or prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella, an entrée, such as grilled filet with a red wine demi glaze, or salmon with honey balsamic glaze, along with your choice of a side dish, and desserts, such as sea salt caramel cheesecake and chocolate espresso mousse.

This restaurant provides a fine dining experience for an affordable price. The elegant yet warming interior makes it easy to relax and enjoy your dishes. Not to mention the dishes are all of the traditional American inspiration.

With locations all over the US, you don’t have to be in Chicago in order to enjoy the creations of Morton’s The Steakhouse.


Feeding the family can be difficult. Especially with fussy little ones and the constant increase in prices for eating out.

Daisies have a family at the core of their dining experience. With a budget-friendly tasting menu, you can find something for everyone to enjoy at a reasonable price.

With their expertly named ‘Feed Me’ menu you will be tasting a range of seasonal menu items, bar snacks, and starters.

The homey feel to this restaurant makes it perfect for an evening out with the kids or with your special someone. Wine pairing can be arranged at an additional price. However, each beverage is utterly delicious.

Final Thoughts

Looking to experience the true taste of a restaurant in Chicago? Tasting menus are a must!

Ranging from 3 to 25 courses, you can sample all that a restaurant has to offer and share it with your loved ones.

Take a look at our top picks for delicious tasting menus in Chicago that have something for everyone and try them out today!

You won’t be able to resist.

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