Delicious Purdue Menus With Something For Everyone

Delicious Purdue Menus With Something For Everyone
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 8, 2022

Been accepted into the prestigious university of Purdue and want to know what options there are to grab a bite. Or searching for any hidden gems before you graduate?

Whether you are wanting to reminisce about the foods that get you through your freshman year or what you can expect when living in the dorms, we have got you covered. 

Delicious Purdue Menus With Something For Everyone

Below you can find some of the most delicious foods from the menus at Purdue University. So take a look and discover what you might be missing out on during your time in the West Lafayette area!

Pete’s Za 

Crowned the winner at beer pong the night before and now sporting an ungodly hangover? Pete’s Za has the menu to get you feeling on top of the world again. Or that you may just need another nap. 

From their iconic CheesZa to the light Garden Salad, there is something for every student who makes their way to Pete’s Za for some grub. Served from 11 am to 2 pm, this is the perfect place for an afternoon catch-up between classes. 

The grilled vegetable and spicy feta sandwich is delicious for any vegetarian or the home comfort PB&J Crunch sandwich. Whatever your needs are to get you through a day of classes, Pete’s Za has got you covered. 

The Burrow 

Feeling something a little bit more nutritious than cheesy garlic bread and pizza? The Burrow is for those days when you need something a little less carb-focused and something a little bit lighter in your belly. 

With their meatless chicken, vegetarian spring rolls, and vegetable dominated menu, this is the perfect place for those a little more health conscious. Although, when you want to treat yourself they have an excellent selection of sweet treats. 

This Asian-inspired restaurant is ideal for a casual date night on campus or if you just prefer a lighter meal in the evening.

Whatever your plans, you can trust that The Burrow will provide you with a hot, delicious meal. Especially as the colder weather sets in. 


When you have a 9 am class, often you’ll find yourself running out the door before barely brushing your teeth to make it in time. Never mind making yourself a delicious breakfast. 

1Bowl is the perfect place to cure that post-class hunger. With their yogurt fruit bowls and peaches and cream smoothie bowl, you can satisfy your stomach rumbles and your sweet tooth. 

A top tip, buy a bowl in advance and keep it in your dorm for the following morning. If your dorm has a small refrigerator of course. That way you will always have a quick, pre-made breakfast for those early morning classes. 

Looking for a quick lunch? 1Bowl also has a filling cheese ravioli bowl or you can build your own salad to meet your own dietary needs. 1Bowl is the perfect quick stop for a filling, delicious meal before or after classes. 

The Gathering Place ft Sushi Boss

Sushi has quickly swept the nation with a range of different dishes being absolutely delicious.

Sushi is the ideal dish to share with friends and when dining solo. Enjoy as you study in the courtyard or in your dorm as a quick bite before heading off to class. 

The Gathering Place ft Sushi Boss brings you an extensive menu of sushi rolls including the classic California Roll and a delicious Poke Bowl Hawaiian style. If you are new to the wonders of sushi then what better place to try it than at college? 

Whether you prefer something spicy or sweet, Sushi Boss and The Gathering Place have created a menu that everyone can enjoy (Also check out Versatile Andy’s Menus Everyone Will Love). All you have to do is choose. And believe us, it is a difficult choice to make. 

Triple XXX

When having a night off campus, you can taste all of the flavors West Lafayette has to offer. Starting with Triple XXX. This family-style restaurant is known for its appearance on Diners, Dive Ins, and Dives. 

Their all-day breakfast is sure to cure any hangover known to man while their sides of chicken wings and fries are sure to keep you full all night long.

Frequently filled with groups of students and families alike, this bustling restaurant is welcoming and comforting. 

Their thick milkshakes are sure to keep you on a sugar high for the remainder of your time at Purdue University. 

We recommend trying their Duan Purvis All-American burger before your time at Purdue University comes to an end. It is something you simply do not want to miss out on. 

Whether you choose to join your newly made friends or want to show your family life outside of campus, Triple XXX is the place to go. 

Harrys Chocolate Shop 

Wondering where everyone disappears to after class? We can guarantee you that they are all heading to Harry’s Chocolate Shop. And with an interesting backstory, you’ll want to check it out for yourself. 

This chic, historic bar began as a Chocolate/Soda shop, however, once the prohibition era hit, they created tunnels that lead under the university to certain Frat Houses. Now, these tunnels have never been found but it’s cool, right? 

With over 100 years of serving, Harry’s Chocolate Shop now serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a rather tasty food menu. 

Delicious Purdue Menus With Something For Everyone

From light bites to platters, this has become the number 1 spot for after-class hangouts.

You will find Harry’s Chocolate Shop to be especially busy around the holiday and Football and Basket seasons as everyone flocks to make memories that last a lifetime in the small, cozy Chocolate Shop. 

You simply cannot attend Purdue University and not make a stop at Harry’s Chocolate Shop. 

Greyhound Coffee

With coffee being the one thing to keep students going, especially during finals season, it is no surprise that Purdue is home to more than a few coffee shops.

Whether it’s your turn for the morning coffee run in the dorm or you want somewhere quiet to study for the afternoon, Greyhound Coffee is cozy, and welcoming, and is serving that sweet sweet nectar on the daily. 

They have 2 locations, one on campus and one in Chauncey Village. Whichever one suits you, you will be welcomed by a friendly set of staff and the delicious aroma of fresh coffee and sweet treats. 

You must try the creme brulee latte and a delicious savory crepe. Want something soothing and sweet? The homemade natural gelato is just too good to say no to. 

Hillenbrand Dining Court  

Hillenbrand Dining Court is legendary when it comes to its food menu. Serving from 12 pm to 9 pm Monday through Thursday, this is the perfect place for a late-night snack.

From Tempur Chicken tenders to garlic butter linguine, it truly is a student’s dream menu. 

For a healthier option, they have a salad and yogurt bar for you to create your own dishes or they serve a selection of fruit. 

Although, we want to talk to you about the Sunday Brunch. Served between the hours of 12 pm and 4 pm every Sunday. You will be greeted with rows of students all piling in to make their own pancakes and omelets. 

Whether you want to share stories of the night before and dine alone, Hillenbrand brunch is for everyone.

Living off campus? Don’t miss out! Find a friend to swipe you in and experience the deliciousness of making your own pancakes and omelets. 

Famous Franks  

This is no sit-in diner, this is a quick-stop food truck. But it has definitely earned its spot on this list. Find yourself missing the food rush at Harry’s Chocolate Shop on  Saturday night. Famous Franks has got you covered. 

Parking outside of Harry’s Chocolate Shop from 11 pm to 3 am every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can count on being able to fuel yourself up for the walk back to campus or throughout the night for a quick bite in between beers. 

The Famous Frank’s Dog and Crackhead Grilled Cheese are an absolute must for any student making the walk back to campus. Perfect for saving for the next day to help nurse that splitting headache. 

This is a tradition for a student studying at Purdue University and when it comes to food, you do not want to miss out. All of the best memories are made on the long, drunken walk home with food in your hands. Right?

Final Thoughts

Whether you are starting your time at Purdue University in the fall or looking for some hidden gems to try before you graduate, this list has everything you need to try. 

While you should be hard at work during your college years, you also need to treat yourself and relish in the moment. And what moment isn’t complete with food?

Try out the delicious meals at the campus dining halls or venture out to the town for some tasty creations. 

From burgers, and hot dogs, to essential coffee, there is a delicious Purdue menu that has something for everyone.

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