Delicious Shoreline Menus With Something For Everyone

Delicious Shoreline Menus With Something For Everyone
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 8, 2022

Finding local, up-to-date menus that can be delivered straight to your door has never been easier! Shoreline is the latest creation that keeps your local restaurants, bars, and take outs menus in one place.

Do you know that locally owned cafe that never has a website or online menu? Shoreline makes it all happen. 

Delicious Shoreline Menus With Something For Everyone

But what menus have something for everyone to enjoy?

We have put together a list of delicious Shoreline menus with something for everyone (Also check out Versatile Andy’s Menus Everyone Will Love).

Whether there are allergies to be considered or everyone wants something a little different, each Shoreline menu has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Check them out below!

What Is Shoreline?

Before we can start recommending some of the most delicious menus that you can find on Shoreline, we better explain what it is. 

The shoreline is an online application that has a range of menus from restaurants within your local area.

Much like other online food delivery apps, you can order to pick up your food or have it delivered straight to your door. 

Partnering businesses of Shoreline receive a share of the profits and equity within the company.

This means you can order your food knowing that your money is being invested in restaurants that are local to you. 

Based in New London, Shoreline Menus hopes to expand its scope within the next few years.

Now we can get into those tasty menus for you to order from!


In the Branford area and looking for something quick, comforting, and delicious? Allegra’s is an adorable cafe that can be found on West Main Street.

With a full menu that is stuffed with your all-American favorites, everyone is sure to find something that they love. 

As people become more cautious of who they come into face-to-face contact with, Allegra’s offers a no-contact delivery service.

Select this option when completing your order and your delivery driver will leave your order at your door and leave before you open to receiving it.

Choose from bourbon steak tips, chipotle chicken panini, and Allegra’s prime rib sandwich for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Or build your own burger and have a new creation every time you order.  

Allegra’s is the perfect comfort food menu available on Shoreline that will have everyone satisfied. 

Beach Donuts 

In the mood for something sweet? Beach Donut has got you covered. Select from a range of donuts for an after work sugar rush. 

Beach Donut also has a selection of pastries, bagels, sandwiches, and beverages to choose from. Make this your go-to lunch spot for a quick, filling bite to eat or for your morning coffee.

From their simple Americanos to French Vanilla Cocoa this menu is a sweet, coffee lover’s dream.

Take the kids for a mid-week treat or treat yourself to get over the mid-week hump. Whenever you decide to enjoy your treats, Beach Donut is the place to deliver. 

Brickside Pizza 

You can forget about having to go out to a restaurant to get an authentic, wood-fired pizza. Brickside Pizza delivers with Shoreline Menus!

Brickside Pizza offers a menu of authentic Italian stonebaked pizzas where charring is expected. Perfect for those nights when cooking just isn’t on the cards. 

They also include gluten-free dough, a selection of sides, and a build-your-own pizza. Add your favorite toppings to make your perfect, delicious pizza. 

Ashlawn Farm Coffee 

New to the area and in need of a new local coffee spot? Ashlawn Farm Coffee is the place to be. Well, order from.

Whether you work from home or need a quick delivery before your morning commute, Ashlawn Farm Coffee has all of your coffee needs covered. 

With an incredible selection of hot and cold beverages, every coffee lover needs to check it out! Especially their infamous Java Chip Mocha Frappe. The perfect treat for a warm summer morning. 

They also offer an array of breakfast treats and some lunch menu items such as a Caprese sandwich and a personalized chicken salad. It’s too hard to decide on one. 

Atlantic Seafood 

When looking for something on the more high-end side of food, seafood is the way to go. And Atlantic Seafood knows everything there is to know about delivering the best seafood straight to your door. 

With a selection of white fish, shellfish, soups, and so much more there is definitely something for everyone to get their teeth into.

You can even order your favorite seafood frozen and keep it in the freezer for when you want something out of the box for dinner.

Atlantic Seafood is known for its large portions so you definitely get your bang for your buck and you may even have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! 

This delicacy restaurant is working with the community to raise funds for a rather special family, check out their Shoreline Menu page to find out how you can help. 

Ayuthai Restaurant 

Treat yourself and the family to a delicious Thai meal this weekend from Ayuthai. With an expansive menu of all your favorite Thai dishes, there isn’t anything Ayuthai cannot do. 

This authentic Thai restaurant offers a selection of mouthwatering, aromatic dishes such as Laksa Shrimp and Mango Salmon. This is perfect to get the kids to try out new foods that are infused with explosive flavors for everyone to enjoy. 

Although getting the hang of eating with chopsticks may take some getting used to. 

Chow Food and Beverage Co. 

Chow is a delivery that you can count on to bring you tasty food time and time again. Offering all of your favorite classic American dishes from slow smoked ribs, pulled pork BBQ burger, and the iconic Mac & Cheese. 

There is also a plant burger to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans. 

Now the star of Chow Food and Beverage Co. menu is their stunning cocktail list. From a classic Cosmopolitan to their unique signature cocktails. We recommend the Pirates Booty. Only available to people over 21 years of age of course!

Chow is the perfect place to order from through Shoreline for a girl’s night in or if you want a weekend treat. 

Delicious Shoreline Menus With Something For Everyone

Mambo Bar & Restaurant 

In the market for something with an amazing flavor portfolio. With dishes that are filled with color and make your mouth water as soon as you can smell the bag. Mambo Bar & Restaurant is an authentic Caribbean restaurant. 

Plantains, stews, and of course seafood cover this delicious menu. So if you aren’t into one thing, there is sure to be something else to tickle your taste buds.

They really bring the spices and culture of Caribbean food to your dining table, and all you have to do is place the order. 

Try one of their signature cocktails and you might just find yourself reserving yourself a table at Mambo Bar & Restaurant. 


Sometimes we are on top of the world and other times we need something comforting to fill our bellies.

Whether you are suffering from a major hangover, feeling a bit under the weather, or are just missing your grandma’s cooking, Moxie is there to serve you. 

This intriguing restaurant has an all-day menu and a brunch menu. We are most certainly a fan of the brunch menu. From their eggs benedict, sweet waffles, and their Moxie Burger, there is something to satisfy every craving you have on your down days. 

Indulge in the comfort that Moxie brings through the powers of Shoreline Menus. 

Pho Madison 

If you prefer something light but still delicious for lunch or dinner Pho Madison has a menu that you are going to want to check out. 

Pho is the star of Pho Madison’s menu ranging from Shrimp to Chicken to Vegetable. Each broth is made from scratch with its secret blend and it is utterly divine. Perfect for sharing with friends or your loved ones on a cold winter’s night. 

The Bubble Tea menu is also worth mentioning. Sweet, refreshing, and fun, Bubble Tea is the perfect beverage to start your day and Pho Madison is happy to supply it. 

Right Path Organic Cafe 

When it comes to your health and fitness, fueling your body with organic ingredients should be high on your list of priorities. Right Path Organic is here to help keep you on track. 

Salads, smoothies, and juice are all on the menu. Made from organic locally sourced ingredients, Right Path Organic ensures that you fuel your body with the best that nature has to offer.

They also offer a small selection of baked goods that are the perfect healthier treat to share when catching up with friends and family. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for local delivery service with all of the local restaurants in your area? Shoreline Menus has got you covered. This delivery service houses all of your favorite local restaurants that may not be on other larger competitor apps. 

Whether you are in the mood for a nutritious, organic smoothie, an authentic pizza, or comfort food, Shoreline Menus has something for everyone

We have 11 of the best menus for everyone to enjoy but you have to check out the app to see what else they have to offer!

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