Versatile Andy’s Menus Everyone Will Love

Versatile Andy's Menus Everyone Will Love
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 7, 2022

Finding food establishments that provide an actual variety of dishes is one of life’s hardest tasks.  Everybody has different tastes and preferences, different dietary restrictions, and appetites. 

Restaurants all over the country want to find a popular niche and stick to it, forgetting that there is a considerable market for catering outside of what is popular. 

Versatile Andy's Menus Everyone Will Love

Andy’s, however, has nailed the versatile menu and has created a haven for groups of diners with wildly different tastes, or people who just like to change up their diet without losing the familiarity of a favorite restaurant. 

In this article, we will look at the versatile menus that are offered at Andy’s that offer something that everyone will love.  

Who Are Andy’s?

Established in 1978, Andy’s has always prided itself on providing Arkansas with high-quality food and service.  It is a locally owned and operated restaurant that bridges the gap between fast food and comforting home-cooked meals. 

Over the years Andy’s has mastered the art of attracting new customers with expanding menus to entice all taste buds while maintaining dishes that are a hit with their regular patrons.  

Featuring menus that cover every meal and snack of the day from the time you get up to when you go to bed, like your Grandma’s kitchen, Andy’s will always be there for you. 

Whether you want a hearty breakfast to get you through the day, or a quick and easy lunch, they’ve got you covered.  You can even pop in for a tasty sweet treat whenever the feeling strikes you.  


There are six different options for breakfast available at Andy’s that suit everyone from the sweet tooth to the ravenous eater, to the dainty eater. 

If you love nothing more than waking up and tucking into something sweet to cheer you up and get you started on your day, Andy’s hot cakes are a perfect choice. 

The hot cakes, or pancakes, are light and fluffy, but the butter and syrup make them sweet and filling.  You can also add savory breakfast toppings such as bacon and sausage to make them a more substantial choice.  

If you are the sort of person who enjoys a big breakfast, Andy’s has plenty of options for you.  From Andy’s breakfast biscuit to the breakfast wrap, to a full, cooked breakfast, there’s plenty to choose from. 

All of these options come with a combination of eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, hash browns, ham, steak, and gravy.  

If you prefer a lighter breakfast option, Andy’s has a few options for you too.  Choose from either Andy’s biscuit sandwich, the hot cakes with just butter or syrup, or any combination of the breakfast sides. 

Andy’s biscuit sandwich comes with a choice of meat fillings such as bacon, sausage, or a chicken patty.  The breakfast sides can be enjoyed on their own, as an addition to any other Andy’s breakfast item, or combined to make a custom breakfast. 

They include a Plain Biscuit, Biscuit with Gravy, Hash Brown Potato Cake, French Toast Sticks, or your choice of savory proteins such as Hickory Smoked bacon, sausage, Ham, chicken-fried Steak, or just Chicken.


The burger menu available at Andy’s is simple, but classic and has enough variety to satisfy everyone.  There are four burgers available at Andy’s, they are the Andy’s burger, the Andy’s double burger, the Andy’s triple burger, and Andy’s junior burger. 

The Andy’s burger is a standard beef patty burger made with domestic only, black Angus ground beef that is locally sourced. 

You can personalize your burger with condiments and salad options including Mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle, fresh-cut onions, garden ripe tomatoes, crispy iceberg lettuce, and mustard. You can also add jalapeno peppers, American cheese, and hickory smoked bacon.

Andy’s double burger features two patties that create a ½-pounder burger for those who have a bigger appetite.  This burger option comes with American cheese as standard, but you can still add extra if desired. 

Andy’s triple burger is perfect for anyone who is ravenous.  Featuring three patties to create a whopping ¾-pounder burger and two slices of American cheese as standard, this burger is sure to fill a hole. 

The junior burger is a 1/8 pound patty in a bun with standard salad, perfect for those with a small appetite or younger diners. 

Specialty Items

Andy’s offers a range of specialty items that they take a lot of pride in creating to the best possible standard. 

This menu is one of the most versatile available, including Andy’s salad bar which features only the freshest fruits and vegetables that have been prepared fresh each day. 

Choose from either a 1-trip salad, unlimited salad bar, or a healthy salad bar with a choice of lean proteins for the perfect healthy lunch.  

Andy’s chicken nuggets also feature in the specialty items menu.  You can order 6, 10, or 20-piece nuggets served with a choice of dips including Buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce, Ranch, Honey, Sweet and Sour sauce, and Honey Mustard sauce. 

Andy’s chili is also available on this menu, offered in a variety of sizes and with plenty of toppings to choose from.  Similarly, Andy’s potato bar allows you to create the baked potato of your dreams with a wide range of toppings available. 


The side dishes that are available at Andy’s can only be described as classic American.  It is these side dishes, along with the classic burgers that keep people coming back to Andy’s. 

The home-cooked barbecue beans are slow-cooked to perfection and can accompany almost anything on the menu.  Andy’s french fries are classic, topped with cheese and bacon bits. 

Andy’s hushpuppies make a great alternative if you fancy something other than french fries with your food, and Andy’s slaw is the perfect way to add crunch and veggies to your meal. 

Versatile Andy's Menus Everyone Will Love

Specialty Sandwiches

The specialty sandwiches at Andy’s are the alternative to an extensive burger menu.  Ranging from the perfect quick lunch to a filling meal with the right sides, this menu is as versatile as they come. 

You can choose from BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken, imported fish, ham and cheese, turkey, or a turkey club sandwich.  All of which come with salad in the bun.


If the sandwiches at Andy’s sound delicious but you prefer less bread in your lunches, the wraps menu is what you are looking for.  You can choose from either a BLT wrap, chicken ranch wrap, or turkey club wrap. 

The wraps are made with a warm, tomato-based wrap which gives an added layer of flavor to a simple but delicious lunch option.


Andy’s offers two dishes as complete dinner options.  You can choose from either a southern fried imported fish dinner or a Hickory smoked pulled pork dinner.

Both of the dinner options available at Andy’s are served with your choice of two side dishes and are incredibly filling and cooked to perfection every time.  


There are a variety of desserts available at Andy’s made up of both cold and hot options to suit every mood and preference. The ice cream range at Andy’s is impressive and forms a large part of the dessert menu. 

You can choose to have soft serve ice cream in either a standard cone, waffle cone, or in a cup.  Choose from chocolate or vanilla ice cream and enjoy a range of toppings with any ice cream dessert. 

Andy’s also offers a peach cobbler which is made from scratch on the premises, with a wonderfully light and flaky crust.  If you are looking for a taste of home cooking without the effort or the clean-up, this is the option for you. 

If you prefer cake as your dessert of choice, Andy’s has a delicious and warming cinnamon streusel crumble cake that is comforting and can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Andy’s Have A Range Of Beverages?

Yes, Andy’s has a typical range of hot and cold beverages available. You can order gourmet coffees, milk, bottled water, and orange juice, and they have an extensive selection of soft drinks available. 

Andy’s also offers a range of milkshakes, floats, and frosted shakes which are perfect as a cool, refreshing treat on a hot Arkansas day.  

Is Andy’s Food Frozen?

No, Andy’s food is not frozen.  Andy’s operates a very proud, always fresh, never frozen policy in their restaurant. 

This means that they order their ingredients regularly and make their food fresh daily to ensure that it never needs to be frozen and defrosted before reaching your plate.  It is this policy that helps ensure the food at Andy’s is always of the highest quality. 

Final Thoughts

Andy’s is a friendly and relaxed establishment that offers incredible food with a wide variety of dishes that are always freshly made and with local ingredients wherever possible. 

If you are looking for a place to eat with something everyone will love, Andy’s is the place for you.

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