Best Wings In Atlanta

Best Wings In Atlanta
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 28, 2022

Wings are one of the most popular dishes in American cuisine and there are tons of amazing places in Atlanta that offer so many different forms of chicken wings, from flats to drums, there’s sure to be something you’ll love.

Best Wings In Atlanta

Many of the wings feature a smoked flavor, but some offer sweet or sour, and of course the quintessential Atlanta wing flavor of lemon pepper. 

Atlanta is known for their delicious chicken wings, so of course when you visit, they will be one of the many things on your itinerary. There seems to be an almost infinite supply of wings all over the city, to ensure the people of Atlanta are always fed.

With the various amounts of different styles and flavors of wings here in Atlanta, we’re going to highlight the best and most delicious wings that can be found across The Big Peach. Let’s get right into it! 

Magic City Kitchen

This spot is actually a strip club. Magic City Kitchen has had massive popularity ever since Lou Williams decided to miss an NBA match for the Magic City wings.

The spot located southwest of Downtown, is well worth a night on the couch if you get caught here. 

You must eat their lemon pepper wings, one reviewer of the wings said that, “if I could fill a tub with Magic City Kitchen wings and climb in I absolutely would not hesitate to do so.”

J.R. Crickets

These delicious wing s are located in Midtown, the spot has become a go to destination for any and all chicken wing enthusiasts in Atlanta (Also check out the Best Wings In Denver).

This location features lots of amazing flavors and has the population running to get some of the Dirty Bird or the Lemony Pepper Wet Wings.

J.R. Crickets has been operating since the 80s and has been providing some of the best chicken in Atlanta ever since. 

Fox Bros BBQ

The Fox Bros bring the taste of Texas to the streets of Atlanta. Their wings are accompanied by great flavors like blue cheese and also ranch.

They do not just specialize in wings however, whatever you can imagine on a traditional barbeque the brothers do and they do it all brilliantly.  

When starting out the only experience the brothers had was in the back garden throwing parties for their relatives to hone their skills and practice for the day they would open their own shop.

They did this solely because they could not find a place that made wings the way they liked.

The Wing Bar 

A vegan option that does not hold back on the taste. The Wing Bar is a place that prioritizes making the best wings possible using the local community and local ingredients to create the amazing flavors on offer. 

Their wings are brilliantly named Vings (vegan wings). The spots wings are good enough to stand up to even the best chicken wings.

Just last year the owners opened up a new location in Atlanta meaning the spot is here to stay, if you are vegan it is the perfect place for you.

Sweet Auburn Barbecue

Located in the Poncey-Highlands,  Sweet Auburn Barbecue offers a traditional style of barbecue mixed with an Asian twist, this is a nod to the sibling owners with their Southern upbringing with their Asian roots. 

The marriage of these two styles is evident in their delicious menu and their wings. Their half dozen smoked wings are a must-try if you’re in Atlanta. With wu tang, BBQ, spicy BBQ. buffalo and garlic parmesan, these wings are nothing like you’ve tried before. 

They also offer drive-through and delivery, perfect for if you’re on the go and just need to curb those wing cravings.

Poor Hendrix

This eatery was named after the owners’ dog, a rescue pit-bull who went through his fair share of trials and tribulations.

Poor Hendrix is a fulfillment of a long-time dream of husband and wife Aaron and Jamie Russell and their delicious food and vibrant atmosphere is reflected by that. 

It’s located in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with an amazing community who make this place even better. Their food is simple, yet absolutely tantalizing.

Their wings are one of the best around, with flavors ranging from sticky sesame and buffalo, to garlic and parmesan. 

They even have a special on Monday nights, beer and wings for $10! 

Pit Boss BBQ

The owners of Pit Boss BBQ are a true representation of North meets South, with Wade McSwain being born in Alabama and Tracy McSwain born in County Michigan (Also check out the Best BBQ In Louisville).

This BBQ style restaurant specializes in creating authentic homestyle favorites for everyone to enjoy, meaning their wings are next to none! 

The environment is so welcoming, and you feel comfortable enough to sit and stuff your face with all the wings you can eat! 

Tom, Dick And Hank

You know you’ll be cared for as soon as you step into this place, as owner Hank Johnson knows no strangers, he loves good food, good drinks and good people. 

You’re sure to have a good time and eat well, if you’re in the area make sure to stop by and try some of their signature dry rub or smoked wings, they’re heavenly! 

It’s been regarded by some people as the best place in Atlanta to eat full stop, nevermind just their wings! Though, even their wings are said to be some of the best in the city. 

Final Thoughts

Wings are a staple in any good American cuisine eatery, so it’s only natural that there’s tons of places in Atlanta to go for incredible wings.

There’s a wide range of different flavors and forms of wings that you can find across the city and they’re all good in their own right.

We’ve listed 8 different places that you should visit and taste test their wings. They’re all pretty amazing and each of their flavors are mouth watering, and as a plus, most of the places we listed have amazing food, not just wings!

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