Best BBQ In Louisville 

Best BBQ In Louisville
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 6, 2022

A river city which found its roots as a portage town, Louisville has since become famous as the home of the Kentucky Derby, the birthplace of the ‘Louisville Slugger’ baseball bat, and the home of some of the finest BBQ cuisine in the country. 

But what are the best, authentic BBQ restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, and what is it exactly that makes the BBQ there so special? 

Best BBQ In Louisville

1. Mark’s Feed Store

Frequently ranked and awarded for the quality of their ribs alone, Mark’s Feed Store has become a Louisville institution, and since its opening in 1988, has become one of the favorites for locals and tourists alike. 

With meats, BBQ sandwiches, ribs, and a plethora of side dishes, this atmospheric, eye-catching, and inviting restaurant delivers authentic Kentucky BBQ that all the family can enjoy. 

Address: 11422 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, Kentucky (40243)

2. Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ

Named after the owner’s mother, who taught him everything he knew about BBQ, and who advised him on his chosen career path, Momma’s is a truly authentic, beloved BBQ restaurant, centered around home cooking, a wholesome environment, and paying tribute to food, traditions (and the woman), that in many ways have become synonymous with the state of Kentucky. 

With great, custom dishes that can be catered to the customer’s taste and spice tolerance, Momma’s delivers a sense of comfort you will want to experience again and again. 

Address: 102 Bauer Ave. Louisville, Kentucky (40207)

3. Feast BBQ

With a hip, modern take on classic BBQ fare, Feast BBQ has become a firm favorite for foodies, despite its relatively short history in the area. 

Referred to as the ‘trendiest ‘cue place’, Feast offers a range of smoked meats, tofu dishes, and delicious sides that are so good as to explain just how busy this restaurant gets.

You might be waiting a while (because of the popularity), but trust me, the pay off is certainly worth it!

Address: 909 E Market St #100, Louisville, Kentucky (40206)

4. River Road BBQ

Using fire and real smoke, River Road BBQ doesn’t rely on fancy gimmicks to deliver great, authentic Kentucky BBQ, relying on the traditional equipment and delivering fan favorites in an environment that is both welcoming and friendly. 

A modern company themselves, the food they serve feels like it could have been eaten on that spot forever, which goes some way to explain why they have become so popular on the local circuit. 

Address: 3017 River Rd, Louisville, Kentucky (40207)

5. Louie’s Hot Chicken & BBQ

Louie’s takes everything good about traditional Kentucky customs, and puts them all under one roof, offering authentic, comforting BBQ, a range of ice cold beers, and a soundtrack of live music throughout the week that really makes each visit feel like an event. 

With two locations in Louisville, Louie’s makes everyone feel like a local, and delivers the perfect feel good package, served in a cozy environment. 

Address: 4222 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, Kentucky (40213)

6. FABD Smokehouse

Standing for ‘Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot’, FABD does exactly what it says on the sign – serving up high quality, delectable food and beverages. 

Created using their on site smokers, that can be smelt up and down Frankfort Avenue, this acts as the perfect advertisement, and with one whiff you will be powerless to resist the charm and traditional fare that this Kentucky institution delivers in spades. 

Address: 3204 Frankfort Ave. Louisville, Kentucky (40206)

7. Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar

Bringing together two Kentucky classics – BBQ and bourbon – Doc Crow’s is a cool, sophisticated take on traditional Kentucky expertise, and has cemented itself as a firm favorite amongst tourists and locals alike. 

From its fresh seafood plates, to its signature BBQ dishes, Doc Crow’s prides itself on delivering style and substance in equal measure. 

Address: 127 W Main St, Louisville, Kentucky (40202)

Best BBQ In Louisville

8. Babiebac’z Good Grill

This small, family owned restaurant is something of a well kept secret in Louisville, but offers some of the most authentic, home cooked food in the area. 

Slow cooked and home smoked, all of their meats and side dishes are mouth wateringly good, giving you a taste of Appalachia that has been enjoyed in those hills for many years. 

The perfect family spot, this is a great place to enjoy great food and make lasting memories!

Address: 8533 Terry Rd, Louisville, Kentucky (40258)

9. Bootleg Bar-B-Q

Somewhat simplistic in design, this restaurant prides itself on delivering the goods without any unnecessary frills or gimmicks. 

Offering outdoor seating, curbside pickup, and takeaway options, Bootleg’s places substance over style, delivering an authentic experience you won’t soon forget. 

For a true flavor adventure, try their signature spare ribs, or sample their famous brisket for a genuine taste of Kentucky. 

Address: 9704 Old Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky (40291)

10. Porkland BBQ

Last, but by no means least, Porkland BBQ offers good, wholesome food at affordable prices, making it a great location to bring family and friends. 

While they are famed for their BBQ, they pride themselves in their fish dishes, all of which are fried to perfection and utterly delicious.

For friendly staff, an inviting atmosphere, and a dining experience you will always remember, Porkland BBQ might just be the place for you!

Address: 2519 St. Cecelia St, Louisville, Kentucky (40212)

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, the best BBQ restaurants in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. 

What’s clear is the long history the state has with producing unique, tasty BBQ, and how important it has been for those traditions to be passed on to the next generation.

Louisville now stands as one of the best places for BBQ in the United States, and remains popular amongst Kentucky locals and tourists alike, all of them seeking a great, authentic taste of Appalachia that has remained true to its roots for centuries. 

Why not give some of these a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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