Best Sushi In San Antonio

best sushi in san antonio
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 6, 2022

If you’re interested in history, then you definitely need to book a trip to San Antonio. It is absolutely filled with interesting things that date back to the Spanish colonial times. 

What you might not know about San Antonio though is that it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat (Also check out the Best Steak in San Antonio). From Tex-Mex cuisine to BBQ, to farm-to-market food, there’s something for everyone in this wonderful city. 

best sushi in san antonio

It might surprise you to know that there are actually some wonderful sushi places in San Antonio too (Also check out the Best Sushi In Portland).

So if you’re in the mood for some sushi while you’re in the city, read on to find out about the best sushi places in town! 

1. Sushishima Japanese Restaurant

Kicking off the list we have Sushishima Japanese Restaurant. It is located near the  Inverarte art gallery, so if you suddenly get a craving for sushi and you’re in the area, this is a great sushi restaurant for you to try. 

On top of the amazing quality of the food, you will also get nothing but fantastic customer service for the duration of your stay.

Sushishima is extremely family-friendly as well, so if you want to bring your children, this is a great environment for them. 

There is a big emphasis on seafood of all kinds in this restaurant, so even if you want something different than sushi, you’re sure to find it here! 

The full address for Sushishima Japanese Restaurant is 1205 N Loop 1604 W #230, San Antonio, TX 78258.

2. Yellowfish Sushi

Yellowfish Sushi is another great place for you to try. It’s a little bit different from regular sushi places because all of their sushi is Mexican-inspired! 

This restaurant takes pride in its top-quality food and they use fresh ingredients to make sure you are enjoying your food at the most optimal level. The staff is also incredibly friendly and the customer service overall is exquisite. 

You will find Yellowfish Sushi in multiple locations around San Antonio, one of its locations can be found at 9102 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, but check out their website to find out where the other locations are (Also check out the Best Sushi In Houston)! (Also check out the Very Best Sushi In Brooklyn)

3. Sukeban Sushi & Champagne Bar

If you find yourself in the King William historic district, then the Sukeban Sushi & Champagne Bar isn’t too far away. 

This restaurant takes pride in being a “premium” sushi bar, and the interior of the restaurant itself is incredibly stylish and high-class.

As the name would suggest, this Sushi restaurant also doubles as a champagne bar, so if you feel like a glass of the bubbly to go with your sushi, this is the perfect place for you to check out. 

The food in Sukeban is incredibly delicious, and they have plenty of other food besides sushi which includes ramen, soups, small plates, and various appetizers (Also check out the Best Ramen In Austin).

They also serve more than champagne, so if you’re in the mood for wine, beer, or sake, you’ll find them all here. 

The full address for Subeban Sushi & Champagne Bar is 1420 S Alamo St Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78210.

4. Koi Kawa

Located near the San Antonio Botanical Garden and the Witte Museum, Koi Kawa is a great sushi bar that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy some sushi in a relaxing atmosphere. 

They don’t just sell sushi either! You can enjoy various other dishes that include sashimi, nigiri, and many hot dishes, so there really is something for everyone at this sushi bar. 

best sushi in san antonio (1)

As with all the other sushi restaurants on the list, the customer service at Koi Kawa is of the highest quality, and you’ll really feel welcomed and like you’re at home when you visit. 

Another thing about this sushi restaurant that makes it such a wonderful experience is the riverfront view that really immerses you in the beauty of the area. It is the best backdrop you could ask for while you’re enjoying your meal. 

The full address for Koi Kawa is 4051 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209.

5. Wasabi Sushi Bistro

Another sushi restaurant that is praised by customers for its fantastic customer service is of course the Wasabi Sushi Bistro. 

This bistro is well known for its “happy hour” where you can enjoy some deliciously warm sake, and of course, everyone loves the sushi served there. 

All of the dishes in this bistro are Asian-influenced, specifically Chinese and Korean. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Wasabi Sushi Bistro and the restaurant itself is extremely casual and relaxed. 

Some of the prices can get a bit steep, but that’s only if you’re ordering things like kimchi, omakase, or the spicy crab spring roll (Also check out the What Is A Boston Roll?). But we can promise that the prices are totally worth it! 

The full address for the Wasabi Sushi Bistro is 9921 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230. 

6. Piranha Izakaya

And finally, we have the wonderful Piranha Izakaya sushi restaurant. It is located in a great neighborhood and there are plenty of shops you can check out before or after you eat. 

The sushi in this restaurant is 100% Japanese-inspired, and it is also a popular place to enjoy some authentic tasting ramen too! 

If you aren’t a seasoned sushi lover and you feel a bit overwhelmed about what to pick, the chefs and servers at Piranha Izakaya will be more than happy to recommend the best dishes for you to try.

The customer service is absolutely great at this restaurant. 

The full address for Piranha Izakaya is 260 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209. 


As you can see, there are plenty of sushi restaurants for you to try if you ever find yourself in the historical city of San Antonio. 

Whether you are a seasoned sushi lover or you simply want to try it for the first time, all of the restaurants on this list are super friendly and welcoming, so they will be able to help you with whatever needs you have. 

There are plenty more sushi restaurants in San Antonio, but the ones that have made it onto this list are definitely the best! 

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