The Very Best Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

The Very Best Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurants In New York
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 28, 2022

If you’re planning on taking a trip to New York, and presume that there will be tons of vegetarian dining options available to you, you’re not wrong.

Although New York is renowned for its hot dogs and deli meats, it’s also got lots of delicious green options for those ditching the meat. 

The Very Best Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

If you’re planning on taking a trip with your sweetheart, or with a few friends, and are on the search for the very best gourmet vegetarian restaurants in the city, then we’ve got you covered.

Simply keep reading below to find some delicious and fancy places to eat next time you’re in the region. 

1. Pure Food And Wine

Pure food and wine is difficult to rival in terms of quality vegetarian food. It is one of the restaurants that is responsible for pioneering the green revolution, with an increasing number of people opting to dine without any meat on their plate. 

Now it boasts hosting some of the most famous celebrities on the planet, including Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as Tom Brady, and even Bill Clinton.

It’s not difficult to see why these celebrities choose to dine in this delicious restaurant, with delicious options such as oven free lasagna, fresh figs with summer cherries, and tasty desserts such as lavender tart. 

If you truly want a meal to remember the next time you visit New York, then Pure Food And Wine will provide you with an experience that you will never forget. 

2. Eleven Madison Park 

This vegetarian restaurant is truly one of the ones out there that’s changing the game.

Instead of having to select meals from the menu itself, you can actually choose your favorite food items, and taste palettes, and the chef will create something sensationally special just for you. 

You can even tell them which flavors you don’t like, so you’re absolutely sure to be presented with the perfect meal. You can choose your favorite vegetables, and have them pureed, roasted or crisped, the choice is entirely up to you. 

They make sure to purchase the very freshest ingredients too, for maximum taste.

So pretty much anything that you order from their menu is guaranteed to taste delicious. Incredibly warm and accommodating, this is a truly pleasurable dining experience. 

3. Blue Hill NYC 

If you’re in the mood for trying some gourmet food that is truly heartwarming, then Blue Hill NYC is the place for you (Also check out the Vegetarian Tasting & Chef’s Tasting at Per Se).

With the freshest ingredients possible, Blue Hill believe in sourcing all of their ingredients directly from the farm, and creating loads of delicious goodies out of them. 

They have lots of interesting combinations, one of which mixes tangy goat cheese with juicy, sweet watermelon.

Although some of the items on the menu may not initially seem as though they belong together, if you try them, you’ll be praising the chef for their incredibly innovative combinations. 

The menu changes with the seasons too, so you can guarantee that whatever ingredients you’re currently eating there, they are ripe and in season.

The menu bases its foundations on the changes within nature, providing you with the most flavorful foods possible. 

You might be surprised to find that this is Obama’s favorite place to dine, so as you can imagine, it gets booked up quite quickly. To make sure that you’re able to secure a seat at this lavish restaurant, make your booking early to avoid missing out. 

4. Adour By Alan Ducasse

If you want to taste food that is worthy enough of Royalty, then Adour is one of the fanciest gourmet vegetarian restaurants you could ever set foot in.

This restaurant hosts some of the most prestigious guests imaginable, including Prince Albert of Monaco, who is a friend of Ducasse, the restaurant’s esteemed owner. 

Vegetables have stood at the forefront of this restaurant’s dining menu ever since it opened several years ago. Its chef claims that dishes should always be 60 percent ingredients, and 40 percent technique.

Well, this restaurant certainly delivers on both ends of these percentages, as it uses incredibly fresh ingredients, prepared with a highly elevated technique. 

If you truly want a luxurious dining experience at this restaurant, then you have to give their tasting menu a try. The tasting menu comprises five different courses, each prepared very carefully to highlight the flavors of the ingredients. 

Some of these fresh ingredients include seasonal sweet corn, golden potato gnocchi, the very famous cookpot created by the chef himself, and passion fruit vacherin.

This restaurant caters to weddings too, so if it’s within your budget, this could present you and your guests one of the most luxurious dining experiences of your lives. 

The Very Best Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

5. Daniel Bould 

One of the most esteemed fine dining vegetarian restaurants in the whole of New York, Daniel Bould truly has some unforgettable food.

This menu, like its owner, is primarily French, so if you’re a fan of all things French cuisine, then this is the perfect restaurant for you. 

This restaurant has a full vegetarian menu, with a wide variety of different options, so there’s sure to be something for everyone (You might also want to check out Does Jean-Georges Have A Vegetarian Menu?). 

One of the best things about dining here is the sheer beauty of the restaurant itself, which truly screams grandeur. The staff are also incredibly friendly and attentive, whilst not being overly obsequious.

Perfect for when you’re having a large dinner to celebrate with friends, or you’re attending a business meeting. 

This restaurant boasts a whole host of celebrity guests that many of you will be familiar with, including Bette Midler, Howard Stern, Gene Wilder, Steve Sondheim, Rachel Weisz, Samuel L Jackson, and Jeramy Irons.

So if you take a visit to this restaurant, who knows? You just might be rubbing shoulders with the elite and famous. 

With a tasting menu that combines some of the best ingredients imaginable, you can start your evening with young carrots, before moving onto cauliflower mousseline, then a deliciously sweet dessert.

This will truly be a tasting experience that you won’t forget any time soon.  

6. Cadence

If you feel like a fancy dining experience that still serves up some of the most heartwarmingly delicious foods imaginable, then take a visit to Cadence led by Shenarri Freeman.

This place not only caters to vegetarian palettes, but vegans for all of those out there leading this kind of diet. 

It includes lots of hearty dishes such as smoked grits and oyster mushrooms, which are absolutely to die for. It also has a pine nut ricotta, as well as fried lasagna which are both incredibly satisfying. 

If you want a cool and urban atmosphere for your next dining experience, then be sure to call in here. 

Final Thoughts

New York abounds with great gourmet dining options for vegetarians. Whether you’re planning a fine dining meal for you and your sweetheart, or a business meal for you and your co-workers, you’ll find the perfect option right here on our list.

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