Best Restaurants In Burlingame

Best Restaurants In Burlingame
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 6, 2022

Located in San Mateo County, California, Burlingame is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, and has a significant coast on the San Francisco coastline. 

Named for diplomat Anthony Burlingame, and famous for its walkable downtown district, eucalyptus groves, education system, and high quality of life, Burlingame is a hidden gem within northwestern California, but has so much to offer in terms of lifestyle, culture, and of course, cuisine. 

Best Restaurants In Burlingame

This article will focus on the latter, exploring just what makes Burlingame so popular as a dining spot for locals and tourists alike. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in Burlingame, CA (Also check out the Best Restaurants In Falmouth, Ma)!

1. Il Fornaio Burlingame

One of the best restaurants in Burlingame, Il Fornaio offers traditional, indulgent Italian cuisine, at affordable prices (Also check out the Best Restaurants In Chesterfield MO). 

What you are getting with Il Fornaio is Michelin quality food, expert presentation, at acceptable prices, all wrapped in a charming, inviting environment that is perfect for meals with family and friends. 

Address: 327 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, California (94010)

2. Kincaid’s Fish, Chop & Steakhouse

This stylish, urban, yet inviting and cozy venue plays host to some of the best food in Burlingame, and in many ways sums up the burgeoning younger generation of businesses, incorporating attractive, themed decor, and an old school, hipster charm that harks back to a simpler time. 

Perfect for taking a few friends on a Friday night after work, Kincaid’s offers a range of high quality dishes, including steaks, seafood, and various barroom meals that are perfect for helping you unwind, refresh, and make lasting memories with the people you care about. 

Address: 60 Bay View Pl, Burlingame, California (94010)

3. Saltyard Restaurant & Bar

At the Saltyard, you can sample some of the best American and European dishes, including steaks, seafood, meat dishes, and pasta, all in a stylish, minimalist environment where it really feels like you are being doted on by the attentive staff. 

While this intimate experience might not be everyone’s style, it does offer some of the best meals in the state, not to mention a lasting experience that is perfect for any celebration or get-together. 

Address: 322 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, California (94010)

4. Farm & Vine American Bistro

At the Farm & Vine, you can order anything from a sandwich to a steak, all in the setting of a charming, sit down restaurant, with a light, airy atmosphere, and tasteful, simplistic decor. 

Using only the freshest ingredients supplied by their local farm, Farm & Vine pride themselves on delivering food that is straight from the source, eliminating the manufactured products that, in many ways, are cheapening the industry. 

Address: 248 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, California (94010)

5. Ristorante Rocca

One of the best Italian restaurants in the city, Ristorante Rocca prides itself on delivering traditional, underrated Italian dishes, and is a popular choice for business professionals, couples, and those looking to treat themselves to a night of good eating. 

Featuring tasty seafood, veal, chicken, pasta dishes, and more, the service is impeccable, and the ingredients are locally sourced and of the highest quality. 

Address: 1205 Broadway, Burlingame, California (94010)

6. Mingalaba Restaurant

Offering a combination of Burmese and Chinese cuisine, Mingalaba is the perfect spot for celebrations, get-togethers, and comforting, wholesome meals with friends and family. 

Famed for its cozy atmosphere, unconventional dishes, and attentive levels of service, Mingalaba sets itself apart from the competition, thanks to the pristine delivery, the high level of preparation, and a range of flavors that will become in instant favorite for anyone lucky 

enough to visit.

Address: 1213 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, California (94010)

7. Sapore Italiano Ristorante

This airy, minimalistic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to get dressed up, celebrate an occasion, and enjoy some award winning Italian cuisine. 

Famous for its lunches, dinners, and desserts, Sapore also offers outdoor seating for smokers and al fresco dining, as well as a wholesome range of homemade pasta dishes, utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients that really make all the difference. 

Address: 1447 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, California (94010)

Best Restaurants In Burlingame (1)

8. Broadway Grill

This LGBTQ+ friendly restaurant serves American cuisine, primarily meat dishes, with famous favorites being burgers, lamb chops, grilled trout, and much much more. 

With a range of healthy options as well, and a cozy, inviting environment designed to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, this restaurant is perfect for casual get-togethers, romantic dinners, or meals with family and friends – all for reasonable prices that give you more bang for your buck. 

Address: 1400 Broadway, Burlingame, California (94010)

9. Rasa Contemporary Indian

Offering the best Indian food in Burlingame, Rasa is a cozy, inviting restaurant that utilizes fresh local produce to recreate traditional Indian dishes for a contemporary, American audience. 

Reasonably spiced, and rich with flavor, everything about this restaurant is subtle and perfectly balanced, as all good things should be, and before long this place will be a firm favorite amongst you, your family, and friends. 

Address: 209 Park Rd, Burlingame, California (94010)

10. Mokutanya

Last but not least, Mokutanya is a celebrated Japanese restaurant, serving both traditional cuisine, and modern takes on classic dishes. 

Everything about Mokutanya is designed to create an authentic experience for the diner, from the sunken dining tables, to the ramen bowls, and even the flickering candles for ambience (Also check out the Best Ramen In Austin). 

What’s more, the dishes take advantage of abundant local ingredients, delivering high quality, freshly made food that will convert even the pickiest eater.

Address: 1155 California Dr, Burlingame, California (94010)

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, some of the best restaurants in Burlingame, California!

What is particularly striking about this city is the level of diversity that it has in terms of culture and cuisine, something that is strange when you think just how underrated it is as a travel destination. 

So, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the vicinity of Burlingame, why not head on down and check some of these out? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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