Best Korean BBQ Atlanta

Best Korean BBQ Atlanta
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 28, 2022

Taking a trip to Atlanta and want to know where the best Korean BBQ is located. Korean BBQ is one of the latest Asian delicacies to take over the US. The buffet-style service is full of meats, sauces, and vegetables for everyone to enjoy.

All cooked on a table-top grill. 

Best Korean BBQ Atlanta

You aren’t going to want to miss out on a chance to taste Korean BBQ. It is just too good!

But where is the best Korean BBQ in Atlanta? We’ve got you covered. We have put together a list of the places offering the best Korean BBQ in Atlanta. Check them out and book your table today!

Iron Age Korean Steakhouse 

Some of the best Korean BBQ Atlanta has ever had can be found at this DIY all-you-can-eat restaurant. Every time, it’s a fantastic experience thanks to the welcoming environment and helpful employees!

Choose from pork, beef bulgogi, normal steak cuts, seafood, and more. With cuts of meat even being gluten-free. With an ever-expanding range of flavors, you are sure to find something unique and exciting. 

You aren’t going to want to leave before trying their rice cakes. These spicy, fried rice cakes are utterly scrumptious and can quickly become a customer favorite. 

The helpful staff means that any question you might have about your food, drinks, and allergies will be answered with full honesty. 

Miss Gogi 

Translating to ‘I miss meat’ in Korean, this Korean BBQ restaurant is designed to serve everyone. Offering a traditional order-and-serve menu and an all you can eat option, you really do get your money’s worth. 

Simply choose your desired meats and dig in. Experience heaven as every flavor dances on your tongue and wash it all down from their selection of wines and beers.

You can get the full experience of Korean BBQ at Miss Gogi and know that you are in safe hands with their experienced chefs and serving staff. 

678 Korean BBQ 

The Paramont Apartments are next to the neighborhood’s favorite 678 Korean BBQ, which is a great spot to try real Korean BBQ. This welcoming restaurant is known for its cleanliness and family-friendly atmosphere. 

When ordering you are going to want to try the BBQ Platter and the BBQ Burger.

This way you and your table can experience everything 678 Korean BBQ has to offer before going back for seconds. And trust us, you will be going back for seconds. 

This friendly, warm, welcoming restaurant has quickly become a favorite in Atlanta and is known for its amazing service. Perfect for family dining, or for a romantic evening.

They have created the perfect blend of modern western and oriental dining to provide you with the most divine experience. 

Breakers Korean BBQ

Looking for an affordable option to satisfy all of your Korean BBQ needs? The Breakers Korean BBQ is the place to go. This is the perfect place for those new to the world of Korean BBQ and who are interested in learning more about culinary creation. 

They offer the highest quality of meats available that can be enjoyed with some of the most delicious side dishes you can experience. 

An interesting fact about this wonderful restaurant is that the Kim family has actively supported the efforts of the places they serve, from supporting educational initiatives to starting enterprises to aid in the growth of minority groups.

You can enjoy your dining experience at any of the Breakers Korean BBQ restaurants and know that you are adding to enriching the lives of others. While also satisfying every taste bud you have. 

Char Korean Bar & Grill 

Char Korean Bar & Grill is one of the top Korean restaurants known for its authenticity when it comes to the food they serve. From their pork belly bowl to their homemade condiments and sauces, you will never leave unsatisfied. 

When dining at Char Korean Bar & Grill you will see their signature Grill & Ssam menu. Korean BBQ meats are seared on sizzling lava stones to make sure you enjoy every single bite.

They also include fresh greens for a nutritious balance. 

This restaurant takes the presentation to a whole other world. Using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients they create new Korean dishes to bring a sense of authenticity combined with modern techniques. 

Best Korean BBQ Atlanta

K BBQ Factory 

On Venture Drive, you’ll find K BBQ Factory, one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets for Korean barbecue. It’s just next to Kohl’s and Furniture Mart. K BBQ Factory is not the typical Korean barbecue restaurant that you can locate with ease.

Customers seeking great Korean BBQ are given a remarkable experience at this distinctive Korean BBQ restaurant, which features a spotless dining room.

Now, if you are looking for a restaurant that takes pride in its service, K BBQ Factory is truly for you. You will never be left with an empty glass or plate. When seeing the sights of the city sometimes all you want is to have a filling, quick meal.

K BBQ Factory will give you just that. 

With hearty, satisfying, traditional dishes with a range of meats, sauces, and delicious marinades you can have everything you are expecting and more from K BBQ Factory. 

All That Korean BBQ

Meat lovers of all varieties must go try the all you can eat menu at All That Korean BBQ.  From tender, succulent beef to spicy pork loin, squid, and chicken, there is a range of proteins to be tasted. 

With over 30 years of experience, All That Korean BBQ knows how to do Korean BBQ to perfection.

You can have a fully scoped menu with every Korean BBQ dish you can imagine and mouth-watering sides, all for an affordable price. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are visiting Atlanta for a small city break or are looking for somewhere new to dine, Korean BBQ restaurants must be at the top of your list. 

We have 7 of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Atlanta. No matter if you enjoy a quick, satisfying meal or prefer a more fine dining experience, the above Korean BBQ restaurants really do it all. 

Check them out now!

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