Wendy’s is an American institution. One of the country’s favorite fast-food restaurants, it was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2006, though, its headquarters has been based in Dublin, Ohio. As of 2018, Wendy’s was the third-largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world with 6,711 restaurants. And, its hamburgers are the number one reason why so many customers return time and time again.


Price Range1.20$ - 11.60$
Menu Items11
Locations5,800 Locations in 58 States
CategoryFast food

About the Menu

Let’s dive straight in and find out what is currently on Wendy’s menu, including food items only found on its secret menu, and items that used to be available at Wendy’s but no longer are.


The Breakfast Combo includes delights such as the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant Combo, Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant Combo, and Hot Honey Biscuit Combo to name only a few. Altogether, there are nine items on the breakfast menu with current prices ranging from $5.80 up to $7.

The Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant Combo is a particular fan favorite, and one you must try if you like your eggs in the morning! It comes with a fresh-cracked free range egg and Applewood smoked bacon, doused in a creamy cheese sauce. All of this is piled on a flaky croissant bun and it is definitely worth waking up early for!

There are also six breakfast sandwiches to choose from, like the most popular Breakfast Baconator, from around $7.00. Just one glimpse of this and you’ll be drooling. The Baconator is made with a half-pound of fresh beef, six, yes SIX pieces of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, ketchup, and creamy mayo. Carnivores rejoice!

Combos and Sides

Then, there are 12 famous combos, such as Dave’s Double Combo, and Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo with current prices ranging from under $9.00 up to around $11.60. Dave’s Double combo is made with half a pound of fresh beef, American cheese, tomato, pickle, crisp lettuce, mayo, ketchup, and onion inside a warm, toasted bun. Love meat, you’ll love this!

If you fancy some fries and sides, you can choose Wendy’s iconic French fries from $1.50, the pub fries, currently from $3.10, and the world famous Baconator fries from $3.00. These sea salted gems are natural-cut with the skin left on. They are topped with warm, creamy cheese sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, and shredded cheddar. More of a cheesy person? Try the easy-to-love chili cheese fries from $3.00, with Wendy’s hearty chili, warm, creamy cheese sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese.


As for the famous hamburgers, you can choose between a whopping 20 options, currently ranging in price from $1.80 up to $9.20! We recommend the iconic Dave’s Triple which is from $8.20 at the moment in most locations.

If you fancy yourself as a true “meat-a-holic,” and think you have a large appetite, Dave’s Triple burger will certainly put your beliefs to the test. Boasting a whopping three quarters of a pound of fresh beef, crisp lettuce, American cheese, pickle, tomato, ketchup, onion, and creamy mayo, on a toasted bun, you’ll certainly need two hands to tackle this monster!

Of course, there is also the mighty Baconater from around $8.50. We just guess you’ll have to come back and try both!

Desserts and Drinks

You can also enjoy croissants, biscuits, and a range of beverages from Sprite zero to different types of coffee, currently ranging in price from $1.50 to $2.80 plus. All are available in small, medium, or large sizes too. Whatever you feel like, we’re sure Wendy’s will have something to please your taste buds.


There are a range of chicken items on the menu, such as hot grilled chicken sandwiches from $7.00. These come with a herb-marinated grilled chicken breast that is topped with crisp lettuce, garlic mayo, and tomato, inside a warm, delectable toasted bun. Wendy’s boasts that it will probably be “the best chicken sandwich you’ve ever had.”

Oh, and we can’t forget the spicy nuggets, currently from $5.00. Although they disappeared from the Wendy’s menu for a while, they have recently come back with a bang! If you can handle it, give these spicy nuggs a dip, but get them while they’re hot, because who knows when they’ll disappear from the menu again?


If you want something a little healthier, try a freshly made salad, like the Southwest Avocado Salad, currently from $7.50, or the Apple Pecan Salad for the same price. The Southwest Avocado salad is a fan favorite and is always made fresh daily with Wendy’s signature lettuce blend, diced tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, creamy avocado, and hot, grilled chicken breast. To top it off, this is all covered with Marzetti Simply Dressed Southwest Ranch Dressing. Zesty goodness!

Prices at Wendy’s are always reasonable. This is one of the prime reasons why it is so popular amongst families. Because the chain competes with two of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the world, McDonald’s and Burger King, Wendy’s matches and even beats their prices.

You can check the prices of all Wendy’s menu items via this link.

Wendy’s Secret Menu

It’s true, Wendy’s has a secret menu. Some of these have been customized by customers, whereas others are true cult favorites that remain more popular than some items on the main menu.

As of 2022, the current food items on Wendy’s secret menu include the Barnyard Burger, the Grand Slam, and the Meat Cube.

The Barnyard burger is a meat lover’s dream come true. It comes with a beef patty, a chicken patty, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, and cheese between soft buns. The Grand Slam is another meaty paradise with four beef patties and some pieces of cheese. Amazingly, this is one of the lightest items on the secret menu!

The Meat Cube is, you guessed it, full of meat! It comes with a full pound of hamburger patties, FOUR beef patties and all the toppings you could wish for in a soft Wendy’s bun.

Secret menu items are available at all locations, but prices may vary, and the items are subject to change quite often.

Wendy’s Nutrition

Wendy’s promises to let its customers know about what is in the food the restaurant prepares and how the food is brought to its customers.

Food Allergens

You can find food allergen information via Wendy’s app, on the website, and in any of their restaurants. This makes it easier for customers to see what food has some common allergens or what may have been in contact with certain allergens.

Wendy’s states that many of its menu items can be customized to suit a customer. Therefore, ingredients that you may wish to avoid can be left out, such as cheese. You can make these modifications when ordering, whether that be on the app, online, or in the restaurant.

The 8 major food allergens defined by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA) are identified by Wendy’s. These are:

  • Eggs
  • Milks
  • Fish
  • Crustacean shells
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat

The fast food chain also identifies the 12 priority food allergens that are defined by Health Canada:

  • Mustard
  • Sulphites
  • Sesame seeds
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Crustacean
  • Shellfish
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat


The calories in certain Wendy’s food items vary. As you can guess, many items have a high-calorie content, but there are some healthy options.

Here are the 15 most healthy options on the Wendy’s menu:

  1. APPLE BITES (35 calories)
  2. 4 PC. CHICKEN NUGGETS (180 calories)
  3. LARGE CHILI (240 calories)
  4. GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH (250 calories)
  5. JR. HAMBURGER (250 calories)
  6. PLAIN BAKED POTATO (270 calories)
  7. JR. CHEESEBURGER (29 calories)
  9. CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH (330 calories)
  10. 4 PC. HOMESTYLE FRENCH TOAST STICKS (330 calories)
  11. JUNIOR FROSTY (190 calories)
  12. DOUBLE STACK (410 calories)
  13. BACON EGG & SWISS CROISSANT (410 calories)
  14. CRISPY CHICKEN BLT (420 calories)
  15. PARMESAN CAESAR SALAD (440 calories)

As you can see, apple bites are the healthiest option on Wendy’s menu. And, although the Parmesan Caesar salad has 440 calories, it is far healthier than other items on the menu, and contains fewer calories than salads found in some other fast food chains.

To get an idea of how healthy some of these meals are above, here are the unhealthiest items on Wendy’s menu:

  1. Big Bacon Cheddar triple (1,420 calories)
  2. Big bacon Classic Triple (1,220 calories)
  3. Big Bacon Cheddar Double (1,120 calories)
  4. Dave’s Triple (1,160 calories)
  5. Baconator (960 calories)

When we consider that the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman is 2000 and 2500 for a man, it’s no surprise that the Big bacon Cheddar Triple burger is considered the most unhealthy item on the menu.

But, we all deserve a treat now and again!

Wendy’s Locations

There are currently 6,771 Wendy’s fast food restaurants across the world, making it the third-largest fast-food chain after McDonald’s and Burger King. 5,889 of these are in the U.S. alone, with another 407 in Canada.

Wendy’s also has locations across Asia in countries, such as India, Georgia, Japan, Indonesia, Qatar, and Uzbekistan.

In Europe, it currently has restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its first UK restaurant opened in 1980 but only for six years. The latest Wendy’s locations opened in 2019.

Although it has built an empire, Wendy’s has ceased to operate in 23 countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

In Summary

Wendy’s is a beloved fast-food chain in the U.S. and Canada. With over 6,700 locations across the world, it continues to be a popular option for people looking for tasty, affordable, fast food.

Wendy’s menu has something for just about everyone. If you have certain needs, Wendy’s staff will do all they can to accommodate you.

Thanks for reading our guide and we hope you get to enjoy a Wendy’s meal soon.

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