Best Pho In Denver

Best Pho In Denver
Joe Squatch

Joe Squatch

September 28, 2022

Pho is one of the most delicious meals that you can get. Hailing from Vietnam, it’s a delicious and light meal that has rice noodles, broth, meat, and herbs in it.

With that being said, you can get all kinds of combinations out of that, tossing in limes, bean sprouts, and plenty of other garnishes to make it completely your own.

Best Pho In Denver

With that being said, there are plenty of places that sell pho, and it can be difficult to find the best. This is especially the case in the city of Denver in Colorado, where you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a fulfilling pho (Also check out the Best Pho In Houston).

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed down your options! In our handy guide below, we’re going to tell you the very best places that you can get a delicious bowl of pho in Denver, Colorado (Also check out the Best Pho In Las Vegas).

Best Pho In Denver

Phở-natic Vietnamese Restaurant

If you want a soothing bowl of pho, there are few better places to go than Phở-natic Vietnamese Restaurant. You can dine in or have your pho on the go with a reusable and microwaveable bowl. 

Better yet, you can get different portion sizes: small, regular, and large. There are also a variety of different pho that you can get, each with different meats. 

There are way too many options to list, with the brilliant choice that they offer, so we’ll just give you a brilliant selection: rare steak, Vietnamese meatball, shrimp and other sea creatures, well done brisket, and all kinds of combinations beyond that. 

Pho 96

Pho 96 offers up a whole range of brilliant pho bowls, with a whole host of different varieties that you can enjoy – catering exactly to your own tastes in food.

Firstly, there is a great range of different pho noodle soups that you can buy.

Whether you like the sound of a special seafood pho noodle bowl, or perhaps one that’s got a mixture of rare steak and well done brisket, there’s going to be a pho mix for you.

In addition to those, you can pho bowls with filet mignon in them, if you want a slightly different cut of meat with your meal. 

Saigon Bowl

Another fine choice, this popular Vietnamese restaurant in Denver is on a mission to serve up authentic and extremely tasty cuisine to its customers.

This includes a whole range of delicious pho bowls that you can get, as well as an enormous amount of other different Vietnamese dishes. The seafood pho with egg noodles is particularly popular to some!

Pho Fusion

This terrific choice for pho offers up plenty of flavorful dishes of it, with a light broth that is made daily and plenty of scallions, rice noodles, and onions added into the mix. 

The pho soups are served up with basil, sliced lime, jalapenos, fresh bean sprouts, and cilantro – all on the side. If you don’t like some of those, simply don’t have them!

There’s a good range of different pho, too, and you can get each in either a small or a medium size. You can get pho with either chicken, beef, meatball, brisket, or grilled shrimp.

That’s for the meat eaters of course – vegetarians don’t worry, they’ve got you covered too! There is a delicious tofu & veggie pho available to buy too. 

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Pho OK

This pho is more than OK! It’s delicious. Better yet, there’s an enormous range of different pho noodle soup dishes to choose from.

Pho OK really specializes in meat, with their pho dishes bursting with it. For one thing, you can get a whole mixture in one, with the “House Special Beef” pho noodle soup.

This contains rare beef, beef balls, briket, and chicken, along with all the other typical pho ingredients.

Naturally, you can get simple meat pho soups too: chicken, brisket, beef, and so on. Even pork sausage! Delicious. They also do seafood ones, though these are spicy.

Pho Ta

There’s a whole variety of different pho noodle soup bowls available at Pho Ta in Denver, meaning that there’s bound to be something to match your tastes. 

You can get pho with a range of different meats. For example, you can get them with marinated rare steak, flank, dark meat bone-in chicken, white meat chicken, meat balls, brisket, and more.

For the seafood lovers among you, you can get a seafood pho noodle soup bowl, or even one that just has shrimp instead. 

Pho Duy

You can get Pho Duy’s delicious range of different pho noodle bowls in small, medium, or large sizes. They have bowls with a variety of ingredients in each, really filling out the taste spectrum and giving you a hearty and delicious meal.

For example, you can get a pho bowl that has a well done flank in it, as well as tripe, tendon, and brisket. Alternatively, you can just get bowls with singular meats in them that are no less tasty. 

Pho On 6th

This appropriately named restaurant (it’s located on 6th avenue) offers a range of delicious meals on its impressive menu, especially when it comes to their tasty pho bowls. 

The brilliant thing about Pho On 6th is that you get to make your pho bowl. That’s right, it’s customizable! This way, you can ensure you only get the ingredients and flavors that you love.

With their menu, you first pick a broth for the pho bowl, choosing from either vegan, traditional, or central (which is spicy). 

After that, you pick out a protein. These include ingredients like shredded chicken, meatball, rare beef and brisket, and more. Alternatively, vegetarians can enjoy a combination of veggies and tofu, or have those separately. 

Finally, you can pick an extra for your pho bowl, adding extra meats or veggie alternatives. It all gives you a great range of customizable choice that’s delicious and fulfilling. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of places to get a perfect pho bowl in Denver – use our list to find your favorite. 

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